Towards a national AI strategy for Romania


We believe that AI technologies can significantly enhance Romanian people's lives. A responsible and strategic development of AI solutions is necessary to mitigate the risks of potential disruptions brought by automation (e.g. restructuring of the work market).

Through sustained efforts to develop educational programs and innovative ideas in Romania, our country has the potential to become an active major contributor to the European and global AI ecosystems.

The goal of this project is to provide a set of recommendations for the public authorities to support them in creating a national strategy for the development and adoption of AI technologies in Romania. We define a vision, we identify the domains with the highest potential of benefitting from AI, we propose project ideas and contribute to their implementation.

Contributors (alphabetical order)

Alin Apostu, Marius Bostan, Anca Burke, Dragos Georgescu, Andra Giuca, Aurelian Ionescu, Gabriel Iovu, Emanuela Modoran, Andrei Nagy, Razvan Pascanu, Viorica Patraucean, Adrian Parvu, Eugen Popescu, Gabriel Preda, Gabriel Prefac, Sorin Serb, Vlad Vaduva.