AI for HighSchool


Romania suffers from a lack of expertise in the field of Machine Learning and AI. This is actually a more general problem in Europe when compared to US, China, or Canada. Additionally, there is a lack of diversity in the field globally with respect to gender, race, affiliation.

One possible way to address these issues could be to introduce elements of machine learning and AI earlier in education, i.e. before university at highschool level, so that AI knowledge becomes more mainstream and accessible. For this, two elements are required: materials suitable for highschool level and teachers able to teach them.

The goal of this project is to develop AI materials for highschool and set up a training program in Romania for teachers (teach the teachers) anywhere in Europe.

Current status

  • Platform available here

  • 3 trial sessions organised with teachers and students in spring 2021

  • In progress: validating the course material with the Ministry of Education.


Prof. dr. Ana-Maria Arișanu, Colegiul Național Mircea cel Bătrân, Rm. Vâlcea Antonia Haller, Colegiul Național Mircea cel Bătrân, Rm. Vâlcea

Ing. cercetător Corina Gurau, Wayve Londra

Drd. Cristina Garbacea, Universitatea Michigan

Ing. cercetător Elena Burceanu, Bitdefender București

Ing. cercetător Emanuela Haller, Bitdefender București

Ing. cercetător Florin Gogianu, Bitdefender București

Drd. Ioana Bica, Universitatea Cambridge Ionut Tudor, L&S Soft București

Ing. cercetător Iulia Duta, Bitdefender București

Ing. cercetător Miruna Pislar, DeepMind Paris

Dr. cercetător Răzvan Pașcanu, DeepMind Londra, EEML

Dr. ing. cercetător Viorica Pătrăucean, DeepMind Londra, EEML

Plus advice from a number of AI experts in Romania and abroad.