AI Education and Research

in Romania


The development and adoption of AI technologies depends heavily on Romania's ability to create and retain talent in the field. For this, strong educational programs in AI and established research groups are necessary. We hope that through communication and by supporting each other we can reach this aim.


  • AI for High school - Given the general shortage of talent in the field, there is a growing need to introduce AI education earlier than university. We develop materials suitable for highschool students, and we intend to set up a training program for highschool teachers to be able to teach basics of AI.

  • Popularising AI: collaboration with the magician Vlad Grigorescu to explain, in Romanian, the basics of AI and AI Ethics

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence course materials

Teaching materials from various universities and companies that can be used by students or by professors who want to set up their own course

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence groups and teams in Romania

See list of groups and teams clustered by region and expertise on ARIA's website.