Artificial Intelligence in Romania

Romanian AI community

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to impact all major sectors of activity (healthcare, transportation, business management, education, agriculture, energy, entertainment and others).

Our aim is to support the Romanian AI community to grow and develop innovative ideas and solutions that leverage Romania's strengths and address Romanian people's needs. Coordination and communication are fundamental for the field's development. It is essential that we all understand what this technology is, how it can be used, and how it can be made to satisfy everyone's needs.

The goal of this website, together with the airomania slack channel and the r/AIRomania private reddit forum, is to provide a place for discussions for the members of the AI community (based or born) in Romania, to share information, materials, find collaborations, propose projects.

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Upcoming events of interest for the Romanian AI community

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AI / ML local communities in Romania

Join these local communities to meet other people interested in the field from your region. If there isn't an AI/ML community in your city, create one yourself (e.g. meetup), let us know at and we will help you advertise it!





Past events relevant for AI Romania

  • EEML 2019 - Eastern European Machine Learning summer school
  • RAAI 2019 - Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence conference
  • SSIMA 2019 - Summer school on imaging with medical applications